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R&D Services

AFR supplies contract research and product development services for research institutes, government laboratories and for corporate research & development. For a detailed discussion of your needs and AFR capabilities, please contact AFR. 

AFR R&D Services can give you access to a major investment in sophisticated instrumentation, up-to-date laboratory facilities, a staff of experienced scientists and technicians, and the experience in complex project management to meet your deliverables on-time and within your budget.

R&D Services at AFR are generally focused in the following technical areas:

bulletNon-Routine Analytical Services -For challenging gas-phase, liquid, thin
film or solid analyses that are not easily addressed by normal analytical
techniques and off-the-shelf instrumentation.
bulletCustomized Instrumentation Development - AFR has extensive experience in the
development of sophisticated scientific instruments, including advanced
FT-IR and FT-Raman spectrometers.
bulletReactor Modeling - Activities in this area include fuel conversion reactor
models and CFD submodels, and the use of on-line FT-IR data for development
of reactor models based on artificial intelligence methods.
bulletAdvanced Life Support - AFR  conducts research and product development on the use of pyrolysis processing and incineration as a method for the conversion of solid waste materials into energy and other useful byproducts.
bulletPyrolysis Reactor Design and Analysis - AFR has developed novel pyrolysis
experiments and modeling techniques.

Download a description of AFRís pyrolysis research

bulletConsulting Services - AFR has expertise in several scientific areas, which
is available on a contract basis.

Please see a more detailed discussion of several examples of our R&D Services capabilities in combustion monitoring and particle analysis.





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