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 AFR's Expertise


AFR today supplies its services to leading industrial and academic clients throughout the world. 


R&D Services

Clean Energy & Carbon Materials

Energy Consulting

Combustion Monitoring & Control

Electronic Materials

bulletCustomized Instrumentation Development
bulletPyrolysis Reactor Design and Analysis
bulletAdvanced Life Support
bulletReactor Modeling
bulletConsulting Services
bulletFuel Cells
bulletWaste to Energy
bulletCoal Conversion
bulletLiquid Fuel
bulletSection 29 Synfuels
bulletCarbon Materials


bullet Consulting Brochure
bulletFuel characterization
bulletDistributed Energy
bulletRenewable Energy
bulletBio Fuels
bulletHydrogen Generation and Storage
bulletGas Turbines
bulletMultigas Analyzer
bulletEngine Pyrometer
bulletThin Film Epitaxy
bulletPulsed Laser Deposition
bulletHigh Temperature Superconductors



AFR Spinoffs and Business Units


NextGeneration Energy      and     




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