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  Mission:  To be a dominant supplier of advanced health, performance, and emissions monitoring tools to combustion dependent industries.

The Combustion Monitoring & Control (CM&C) group at AFR performs R&D to result in new instrumentation and measurement methodologies to benefit gas turbine engine industry and other combustion dependent industries. TurboSense is a business unit whose goal is to expand manufacturing and commercialization of CM&C technologies. Our products are designed to provide for optimum operating efficiency, environmental compliance, and safety to the gas turbine engine industry for both electricity generation and propulsion, and energy-intensive process industries such as pulp and paper, chemicals, and petroleum refining. In addition, the products expedite test programs that will bring advanced engines and other combustion devices to production.

CM&C/TurboSense is a business unit of the R&D company  Advanced Fuel Research, Inc (AFR).

  Current new technology focus areas include:


High temperature spectral emittance measurements on turbine materials, thermal barrier coatings and other materials: a laboratory measurement service.


On-engine temperature measurements of thermal barrier coated turbine blades and vanes.


Extractive combustion exhaust gas analysis.


In-situ combustion exhaust gas analysis.


Detection of combustion instabilities in turbine engines and afterburners (rumble, screech, humming). 




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For More Information Contact:
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Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.
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